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Jan 2006
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Allplan FT related

International Allplan Forum Allplan Forum - excellent site... by users for users. If your language is not here just ask! Nice mix of beginners and advanced users, uploads and downloads, albums of work :-)
Cadserve site recently appointed [2005] English distributor of Allplan

Allplan-Scotland site Scottish distributor of Allplan.

Nemetschek.co.uk Official UK site - FAQs are the same as on...

Nemetschek.com International site run by Nemetschek in English. Good all round official coverage and useful information, faqs and downloads including all the Step by Step guides in pdf format in English.

- it is well worth registering on this site as there are lots of user uploads available to anyone with a valid Allplan licence. There is some guidance on how to register on the AllplanForum

some useful sites of International Allplan Distributors...
the corporate Nemetschek web interface has deprived many of the formerly interesting websites of their individuality and interesting bits of information, however if you register on the German Nemetschek site you will gain access to the valuable user downloads - and much else if you read German.
Nemetschek Italia - one of the best non-English Nemetschek sites.
Have a look at the excellent Galleries and the pdf guides on modelling problems.
Nemetschek Hungary - always been a good site with lots of stuff tucked away - well worth a look around.

Nemetschek Romania - nice site with a good gallery

cds-sieber website CDS Bausoftware AG - nice web site but for members only nowadays

website of LaserLaskenta Oy FinlandLaserLaskenta Oy - Finland - COOL looking site - how blue can you get! :-)

some interesting German language Allplan related sites...

See Systransoft. for online machine translations (not very good at technical text and will not work on Flash animated pages.. but gives enough clues usually to work out the meaning of the German text).

 LEO dictionary For an online German <->English Dictionary which can cope with idiomatic and technical phrases try this excellent Munich University site.

link to cad.de Allplan pageonline community of CAD users - this is the Allplan page

website of Andreas Buttner
www.anbue.de site run by the very helpful and knowledgeable Andreas Buttner.

Schneider Akademie
- very useful website run by Stephen Schneider as part of his training firm. There is a lot of information in the FAQs and generally around the site.

  CAD forum An interesting CAD forum in German. Not just Allplan.

some interesting Italian language Allplan related sites...

Nemetschek Italia site Nemetschek.it - excellent official site - look in the services (servizi) section for the e-newsletters and the FAQ list which are pdf documents with illustrations. Also look at the galleries... wonderful stuff. :)
Try the Google translated version into English - not perfect but it helps

Geometrica site Geometrica.it by Luca Dalla Benetta - exceptional site - so good I've linked it twice in this site!... wonderful just to look at but also has downloads of 3D furniture models in Allplan format, dozens of quality textures, Allplan patterns...
and examples of work cleverly animated.

C4Dzone.com site the Italian Cinema 4D official site - as with all Italian sites longer postings and more information

some interesting Spanish language Allplan related sites...

portAllplan site a website for Allplan and related products in Spanish - but well worth a look for any Allplan user. Really nice feel to this site :-)

  some interesting French language Allplan related sites... 

link to French C4D.com the French Cinema 4D site - excellent gallery, tutorials and tips

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