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Existing porch to house,  Grasmere

Barn conversion Grasmere - builder Paul Dixon   wsa logo

  new commercial building in Hawkshead

house extension on the shores of  Coniston Water


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How it all Works in Practice

Employing an Architect
Internal view of extension to barn conversion

This page is superseded by page on my new website

There are a few examples below which give an idea of the sort of work I tend to get involved in but it is a very small selection of recent projects.

Further down the page there are older examples but if you have any queries on specific building types please email me or call for a chat.

min waving graphic WS A few fairly recent projects...

mini-view of rendered model overview
Replacement House

mini-view of rendered model interior
Existing Barn Conversion Extension

Isometric external view of Listed Building in Ambleside
Listed building alteration in Ambleside

Until I have time to post more recent projects the picture link below will take you to a page of past project illustrations related to the Revit software I use:
click for link to page of larger images of project

Many of the links listed below are to projects several years old but give an idea of the sort of thing I do, pending a major update to this page and the entire site.

Some Older Projects

screendump of 2D elevation of proposals


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