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There is a lot of confusion among clients over the roles of Planning Officer and Building Inspector (or Building Control Officer or Local Authority Building Control Surveyor as they like to be called).

Just remember that...
  • the Planning Officer is interested in the 'use' of your land - i.e. what are you going to do on this land - also in the design and appearance of any building or other structure you are going to place on the land.
  • the Building Inspector is only interested in technical matters such as, is there adequate drainage, will any building proposed stand up and will it meet thermal insulation and other standards laid down in the 'Building Regulations'.
    For details of the Regulations try the Local Authority Building Control site at www.labc-services.co.uk
    For the official UK government site for Building Regulations online at the Dept of Communities Click Here
  • Planning Applications are made to, on forms supplied by, the Lake District National Park Authority (See Park Issues)
  • Building Regulations Applications are made to, on forms supplied by, the District Council - which can be South Lakeland DC in Kendal, or Eden DC in Penrith or Allerdale BC in Workington or Copeland BC in Whitehaven.

Confusion arises because each District Council also has a Planning Department which handles planning applications outside the National Park. The Park boundaries do not coincide with those of the District Councils. Further confusion arises because Council planning committees make recommendations to the National Park Authority on applications within the National Park that fall within their area - the local press often include these in lists of decisions.
Just to complete the picture the Parish Councils also decide on a recommendation - and let's not forget County Highways as well!



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