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Leonardo - courtesy of a German Uni site - Dortmund? Architects
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 Updated 06.11.05.. some links fixed :-)
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Also have a look at the new official Nemetschek galleries at www.bauten.de

Oxen + Romer und Partner - a flash-enabled site which has its drawbacks but persevere for the interesting projects on show. The images below are of the Elephant House at Cologne Zoo - very impressive design and modelling
Update Sept 2004 - as with a number of the sites listed below more Flash animation is being used - and although this site is one of the better ones there is actually less information provided than before Flash was used - the Elephant House is now listed again among the many impressive projects and there are model pictures and drawings.
image of model  by Oxen + Romer und Partner of  Elephant House at Cologne Zoo   image of section drawing  by Oxen + Romer und Partner of  Elephant House at Cologne Zoo

Magnus Maria Troll Architekten website   Magnus Maria Troll Architekten - Very interesting site - lots of images of projects - including many of the type of building that Nemetschek like to use to promote Allplan - but there are domestic scale projects too.
Very professional site.

Ivan Bereznicki Associates website   Ivan Bereznicki Associates - one of the most interesting (for me) of US Architects using Allplan - teasing website makes you want to see more of the houses pictured.

DMPhilippitzis website   DM Philippitzis - (Greece) much effort has produced a superbly stylish website with good use of Flash animation and very nicely integrated music. Well worth a detail look at the projects - some wonderful design on show. (for the casual browser it would be nice to have access to larger images as the small ones leave you wanting to see more :-)

Bankwitz site   Bankwitz Architekten (found in the Nemetschek.de gallery)
A sparkling site - lots to explore - have a look at the 'extras' page. An example of how to project well via your website. Great stuff.

bau-planung.ch website   Roger Egger Bauplanung - Switzerland - a good site for examples of models and rendering. Interesting to see some landscape around the building (and on top of it!). Great stuff.

Maximilian Weishaupt site   Maximilian Weishaupt (found in the Nemetschek.de gallery) Excellent site with a nice clean look. Lots of images with some models. Nice graphics too.

architekt-wamsler.de website   architekt-wamsler.de - Brilliant site - anyone who can get away with putting a cow in an Allplan animation deserves an award! Update Sept 2004 - sadly this seems to have gone from the site but there are lots of interesting projects with good photographs.  Very lively site, worth looking at the house designs in particular.

architekt-wamsler.de website   wegemann.de - Interesting site - well designed with lots of pictures and even videos for download. Impressive range of projects on display as model renderings. Also featured in the Nemetschek.de gallery

schleburg.de website   Schleburg.de - this model image is one of the best known from Nemetschek websites around the world - be prepared for some 'heavy-duty' Flash downloads at this site - the intro with sound is quite good but not so keen on the rest - interesting though.

Borowski-sasse.de website   Borowski-Sasse.de - interesting site - using a trick I have not thought of - animated gifs used to display model views - very clever.

architekt-rummel website   Architekt-Rummel.de - some very neat display techniques if you click on the images in the 'projekt' link. Nice house designs too.

architekt-wamsler.de website   ingenieurkaelin.ch - some very nice use of Allplan and photo-montage in this Swiss engineer's site. (Love the ski-jump!)
Also featured in the Nemetschek.de gallery

Raphael Ingenieurburo website   Raphael Ingenieurbüro - Have a look at the technique of viewing the interior of a building with a 360 deg panorama online - unusual to see this level of technical competence on an architectural site - possibly because they also offer web design services.

gold-architekten.de website   Gold-architekten.de - interesting presentation techniques on this site - click on 'Projekte' (appears in the coloured band top left of the front page once the mouse pointer is over it). Mainly photographs run in a 'movie' presentation but some model images.

architekturbuero-kaefer.de website   architekturbuero-kaefer.de - I like this site - nice presentation - colourful but simple. Interesting buildings too.

heinrich-architekturbuero.de website   heinrich-architekturbuero.de - quite a few model images - cheerful site with pictures of 'the team' which I always think is a nice touch - click 'Wohnbauten' for housing and 'Gewerbebauten' for commercial - in both if you click on a model image a large version will load with navigation buttons taking you to further views. Slow but neat.

huebsch-partner.de website   huebsch-partner.de - update Sept 2004 - the pointless graphic gimmicks have been replaced with ... a pointless 'radio' player..
Still worth a look round :-)

architekturbuero-klein.de website   architekturbuero-klein.de - scroll down to the bottom of the front page for 2 links to reference projects. Some interesting buildings but no Allplan models or drawings on show.

architekt-roevenich.de website   architekt-roevenich.de - I like this site - lots of 2D drawings including some lovely detail work - interesting to see in some images the older interface of Allplan. Update May 2003 - another site gone 'Flash' - quite tasteful & effective though.

soetbeer.de website   soetbeer.de Good site - lots of interesting stuff but for some great model images click on '3D Animation' from the startup screen and then click the house image and then when the enlarged version appears the 'play' button for a 'diashow'. Very nice - love the night-time views! :)

Area Architects website   Area-Architects.net London - a long Flash intro (quite interesting Flash programming but very slow on a dial-up connection) leads to some interesting projects.

prodecor.arad.ro  website   prodecor.arad.ro Nice Romanian site - shame the picture of the team has gone in the revamped Flash site, but still some nice model images and interesting projects.

tekton.pl  website   tekton.pl Well presented Polish site. Many images of projects and 3D models. They seem to use a mixture of Allplan and Acad so which image is produced by which software is not obvious. Good, professional website.

bdm-uk.co.uk  website   bdm-uk.co.uk Norwich - some nice projects and model images. The images shown are the result of using several packages such as Lightscape™ on the exported model from Allplan and/or other 3D CAD software.

Detlev Schneider   Buro Detlei Schneider(found in the Nemetschek.de gallery)
Now this is a big (some would say sprawling) site with some very imposing model images and photographs of projects (if you can find them). The thumbnail image here may still be on the main site but I could not wait long enough for the huge Flash files to load to find out.

Criteria for selecting sites for this page: basically if the office resources list Allplan as a resource then I assume they must be using the software - one or two offices probably use several CAD packages. The office must also have a reasonable website.

One reason (apart from the obvious one) that there are so many German language sites is that it seems normal in these areas for the office website to list the resources of the office which makes it a bit easier to locate offices using Allplan in a websearch. Architects in other countries often do not seem inclined to inform prospective clients of their choice of CAD system. Also, in many countries including the UK (and surprisingly the US) very few Architects maintain websites

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