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Update November 2005
Allplan 2005 is a very nice product - very few issues... for me anyway ;-)

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...some issues that have arisen in use  

The only remaining significant problem in Allplan for UK users that I am aware of is editing openings in cavity walls (i.e. multilayer)...
fixed in Allplan 2003, it has been 'unfixed' in Allplan 2004 and 2005

Creating new multi-layer walls (i.e. cavity walls) works OK (apart from not being able to plot the cavity lines thinner than the external face lines - unless the cavity lines are thicker than the external wall lines which is the opposite of normal usage).

The problems really start once you want to edit an existing window or door opening...
Door copied from existing wall in edit mode drawing file to new wall in active mode drawing file
Existing We want to
achieve this...
But this is what
actually happens
...In the end we delete and rebuild the opening

There seems to be another, possibly related, problem when you use the Label option to place the opening sizes on the plan - the width is given including the facing which is incorrect!
  I am not sure if they use cavity walls in Germany and it is possible that there is less testing of these options(?)

It is certainly a big time waster as you can spend hours trying to achieve the correct cavity return.
Fixed in Allplan 2003!
Unfixed in Allplan 2004 and 2005 !!

Texture rotates in animated Section... 
alert message during window insertion
In Allplan 2005.1_3
Animate a section and the roof texture changes direction by 90 deg


Cannot trim 2D line to Sill created in Smart Window Sill... 
You cannot trim a 2D line to the Sill line of a Sill created by the new Smart Window Sill tool in Allplan 2005.

Surface textures do not rotate with 3D elements...
Rotate If a 3D object or Archit. element is rotated the surface file does not rotate. If rotated in plan this is not so noticable but it is a real nuisance on things like timber textures on exposed rafters where the wood grain is vertical instead of parallel to the line of the sloping rafter.
Original surfaces in Allplan These walls were each applied a different surface texture
(to rotate the walls in Allplan they were converted to 3D objects)
Walls rotated around the Y-axis in Allplan 
Original exported to C4D and then rotated By contrast In Cinema 4D XL (left) the surfaces rotate correctly with the elements...

(note however that if the top right arrangement had been exported to C4D then it would render just the same as in Allplan)
Although correct in Cinema 4D notice that it only works for elements with textures that are rotated within Cinema 4D - which rules it out as a fix for the problems in rendering textures such as in the case of the sloping rafters mentioned above.
What is required is an extra option in the Surface Properties dialogue to allow rotation of the surface file (and an option to 'pick up' the angle of the element would be nice too!)

Update September 2003 A problem was introduced in v2003.1 so that roof planes no longer kept textures aligned when the roof was rotated in plan. This was fixed in version 2003.1a
'Set the type of doorswing' alert message... this alert message pops up
alert message during window insertion  

when creating window openings from time to time - usually in multiple layer walls with returns set in the 'reveals' options. No idea why it happens.

Update September 2003 I think what the Alert message should say is 'Set the type of Reveal'


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