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Jan 2006 update - I have removed several sites that have disappeared and updated some broken links
  • Is that a Zeppelin NT  I see? noctua-graphics.de German site but this is the English language option - very smooth and professional graphics - some free textures (the best around?) and examples of use of tools. Brilliant :)

  • Geometrica site Geometrica.it by Luca Dalla Benetta - exceptional site - wonderful just to look at but also has downloads of 3D furniture models in Allplan format, dozens of quality textures, Allplan patterns...
    and examples of work cleverly animated.

  • 3d total site 3d total.com excellent site - do not be put off by the 'games' look to the images - there are some excellent and unusual textures for free download, and the range of texture libraries for sale is well worth having. I have quite a few - many of the textures suit the British climate ;-)

  • 3DFluff.com Resources - high quality textures posted by forum members in the resources section
  • CAD Buro Ress site CAD Buro Ress Want to try pushing Allplan's renderer a bit harder? This impressive German site has very good BMW and Mercedes 3D model cars in 3D dxf - click on 'downloads' and then '3d dxf'. Also a very good list of links to other interesting sites from the download area.

  • C4Dzone.com is an Italian Cinema 4D site with some very nice information, and free textures

  • Stefan Boeykens website homepage Stefan Boeykens homepage Lots of useful information on many CAD and rendering packages and clear explanations of common techniques and effects currently available in rendering. Excellent site! :)
    worth seeing the Archicad to Cinema 4D tutorial

  • 3drender.com website Jeremy Birn's website and book 'Digital Rendering & Lighting' - so good I bought a copy! Priceless information on lighting rendered scenes conveyed in a very readable style. There is a free chapter online. :)

  • Crossroads 3D File translation - This file has gone offline and I cannot find another location for it. Perhaps it had become out of date. Another site which lists file conversion tools is here.

  • Accustudio Exchange for 3D Models Accustudio.com - revamped site with lots of 3D models to download in Autocad, Rhino or Revit file formats

  • Ultra 3D site for furniture models Ultra3D.com Good and stylish modern furniture models for free download once you register.

  • e-interiors site interesting site - once you register and are emailed a password you can download 3D models of some of the products in the galleries - mainly European furniture and fittings - the models are in 3D dxf or 3ds format

  • Wilkhahn.com - furniture ranges now viewable and downloadable via a GDL browser plug-in. Full instructions on the website. Just click on 'Architects' in the lower left of the front page.

  • animax.it site animax.it Stylish Italian site - amazing for the super high resolution textures on offer - make a donation to increase the database of images! Be prepared for long download times as these images are BIG :)
    Look under 'info' for a tutorial on how to make bitmaps tile seamlessly using Photoshop.

  • arcitool.de website arcitool.de some very good textures - really useful stuff like glass blocks and profile cladding - good value (free!) - also dxf drawings of people, trees, cars - excellent site.

  • C4D-treff.de cinema4D-treff.de - wonderful gallery - including an architecture section of renderings done with Cinema 4D. Lots of interesting Cinema 4D related stuff.

  • Maxon Shader Club deepshade - the Maxon Shader club for Cinema 4D users.

  • 3D cafe website 3d cafe is a good site for free and professional 3D models. The DXF ones will import into Allplan FT. Most of the others will load into Cinema 4D. The site also has textures, good general information and links to other sites.

  • Mr Furniture interesting Indian site with some free and many commercial 3D models (India is fast becoming a big influence in the CAD world :-)

  • http://www.mayang.com/textures/ interesting site with some free and commercial textures - I have not yet had a good look round [26.09.2004]
  • archmatic.com samplesaecweb.de Another excellent German site - Samples of commercially sold 3D objects. This lava lamp had me amused for hours!

  • Marlin Studios website Marlin studios free samples Free samples of Marlin Studios textures and other stuff.

  • Imagetect website imagecels.com Imagetect commercial website but has some free samples. Good images of people.

  • Amazing 3D Graphics website Amazing 3D Graphics Free textures at this page - including grass texture - with other free stuff including models on other pages. Also 3D models for sale.

  • nthd.org website nthd.org a very promising site for the more technically minded. 3D modelling, Cinema 4D XL v 7 and other modelling subjects all covered here in depth and with great knowledge.

  • 3D studio website - grass textures page the 3dstudio.com (Use to be MattColand.com) now seems to be a comprehensive 3D resources site..
  • http://textures.forrest.cz odd but useful site - nicely presented but not recently updated - some unusual textures

  • texturator.com website http://www.texturator.com German site (I think) in English with lots of textures which it claims will tile seamlessly. Looks promising.

  • www.visualibrary.com - collection of suppliers details - some very useful - well presented site.

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