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Computing Links...

a collection of quality sites in no particular order.
Update August 2005 Well, after no changes to this page for 3 years, surprising how many sites are still relevant :-)

Technical News from The Register
Up to date Computer Industry News - with attitude

although founder Mike Magee has set up theinquirer which I now prefer

Tom  Pabst Toms Hardware Guide
Famous site run by Tom Pabst
THE place for technical information on motherboards, processors, graphics cards etc...

NT faq site Famous site - changed name recently to Windows 2000faq.com but this link still works.
THE place for answers if you have problems with NT4/Win2k. This site is a life-saver! Good links to related sites too.

Ambleside CE School
Scroll down to 'Webmaster Links' for excellent links to web resources sites.

AA site for ISDN and Telephony Excellent computer telephony equipment supplier. Lots of information explaining ISDN. Will handle setting up your connection with BT (or whoever) and supply all equipment. Also does an ISP and domain hosting service. Good support.

System Internals Utilities site Famous site
Tools for NT4/Win2K - seriously powerful software at modest prices or even free! DOS access to NTFS volumes and suchlike.

Spinrite 5 disk utilityTest your defences with Shields Up Famous site run by Steve Gibson. Hard Disk check/recovery utility Spinrite 5 and Internet Security tester Shields Up (worth trying). Lots of information on how to stay secure while connected to the Internet. Essential I would think if you are using ADSL as you are always connected.
GRC site leaktest page The new 'Leaktest' from Steve Gibson which checks if your 'firewall' is any good (many are not!) at stopping things like 'Trojan Horse' type viruses from renaming themselves as 'Internet Explorer' or another trusted programme and connecting to the Internet without your knowledge.

Practically Networked site PracticallyNetworked.com - Really useful site for information on networking, routers etc. Informed and discerning.

Macromedia Site Those nice people at Macromedia - home of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc. etc. (although if the takeover by Adobe goes ahead - what then? ;-)

Superbeam from SDA
Structural Calculation software for small jobs - 'does what it says on the tin' !



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