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The National Park is (increasingly) one large village. A strong rural streak still runs through the inhabitants. If you come to live in the area you have to accept that most people will know everything about you if not within days then certainly within the first few weeks!

There is a tradition of personal recommendation which still thrives. Whether you are looking for an Architect or a chimney sweep asking around will usually produce honest opinions. This to my mind is the sensible approach - at least initially.
Clients often do not realise that recommendation is a two way process. Having been recommended by say, a builder or previous client the wise Architect will have a quiet word with the source to find out what he can about the background of the new client!

Commercial Listings and Directories
Choosing any firm out of Yellow Pages is a bit of a lottery however I do know that some colleagues get decent jobs from advertising in YP and/or yell.com

Nearly all my work comes from recommendation - but that probably reflects my rural (yes, the Lakes are still rural!) location.

Some work comes via the website - including occasional gems such as, 'can you design a house in Tbilisi ?' - but more commonly local clients use it as a reference check before telephoning or emailing to have an initial chat.

Colleagues down South tell me that they get a lot of work via the internet, and it is normal now for even local people to check out your website before making contact.

The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) maintains a searchable database of architects and some (but not all - see below) practices.
Members of the RIBA are allowed to describe themselves as Chartered Architects.

There are architects who are not members of the RIBA but every architect must be registered with the ARB (Architects Registration Board).

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