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Press reviews or articles

English language reviews or articles...

CAD publications are few these days, and reviews even fewer...
however AEC Magazine has now (Jan 2006) gone online and even back issues are available with reviews on Allplan and other Nemetschek products...
Cadserver site www.cadserver.co.uk Review March 2003 of Allplot (Engineering version of Allplan) and use of reinforced concrete and Bamtec mesh.
Cadalyst Allplan 16.2 review www.cadalyst.com review of Allplan 16.2 by Cadalyst magazine -
rates it 5 stars out of 5 and Highly Recommended
AJ article Architects Journal UK article about Allplan and this site (published originally in 21 February 2002 edition) larger screenshot (185Kb)
Article published in AEC Magazine July/August 2002 edition on use of Allplan in the work of a small practice -
It is currently just a pdf of a scan of the article pending the original being posted on the cadserver.co.uk site.
Right-click to Download (112Kb)
using 'save target as'
or just click on the link to open the pdf if you have the Acrobat reader already installed on your PC.
Update January 2003 - article now posted on cadserver site but images downsampled.
Cadserver site www.cadserver.co.uk very superficial 'Review' of Allplan FT v17 - beats me why Nemetschek don't provide more help with these - how can you review such a complex product without training?
Cadserver site www.cadserver.co.uk Overview Dec 2002 of the integrated range of Nemetschek products - useful summary
Cadserver site www.cadserver.co.uk interview March 2002 with Nemetschek (UK) Managing Director Clive Flynn
Cadserver site www.cadserver.co.uk feature on Allplan v16.2
Cadserver site www.cadserver.co.uk feature 17th January 2002 giving responses of all the major CAD developers to the question 'why use 3D CAD?'
Cadserver site www.cadserver.co.uk news feature on DaimlerChrysler deal Sept 2001 (Press release plus photo really)
Cadserver site www.cadserver.co.uk feature on pool restoration project using Allplan FT
CADUser site UK CADUser.com review of Allplan FT v16 - 1 page summary of features and brief background to Nemetschek in UK.
Cadserver site www.cadserver.co.uk review of Allplan FT v16 full-ish review of Allplan FT v16 release into UK
CAD Digest site CAD Digest site combines some of the above articles plus others into a useful compendium of articles related to Allpan.

other language articles...

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