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Ambleside Architect's website with views and insights into building in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria, UK


Garage biomass and annexed accommodation Grasmere Grain in plaster in cottage renovation near Hawkshead
Glazed extension to house in the centre of Grasmere New house in Great Langdale - computer rendering
Cottage renovation near Hawkshead - use of micro abrasives on old oak timbers Very neat blinds to gable glazing in cottage conversion for local builder near Coniston
Barn conversion near Windermere, stairs to gallery

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extending cottages ↓

Cottage extension above Ambleside

Useful links to construction information websites ►

VAT, Health & Safety etc. Information links that I use myself on a daily basis and you might also find useful

Construction Links

Do I need Permission?

Almost certainly ►

Background information and comment on Planning in the National Park

Park Issues

Building Inspector, Planning Officer? Who does what? ►

People are often confused by the roles of these public servants. An explanation

Officers & Inspectors

Already got your Consent?

Pause for thought here ►

A few comments on things to consider after the happy glow of Consent subsides

After Permission

Architects, what they do, how you find one and what you might do with one ►

Explanation and comment on all that scary professional stuff


The general sequence of a  project ►

A rough sequence of events in setting up a project and who does what, when

Page Under Construction

How it all works

Builders creating slatestone steps Main circuit boards in house

Barn conversion interior near Windermere with clean open plan upper floor and bedrooms below (computer rendering)

Proposed new garage (the barn) and extension to a cottage above Ambleside (computer rendering)

Insight Articles & Quick Links to Pages

This is a clever solution to the problem of how to curtain a fully glazed gable I spotted on a site visit to a conversion of a garage to dwelling for a local builder and his family

A slow and messy process but in careful hands this can bring back original colour to old oak timbers in cottage renovation best to check on Listed Building use though





extending terraced houses ↓


Other Trades

new commercial development ↓

Commercial development Hawkshead

Proposed commercial development in Hawkshead comprising offices and work/live accommodation (computer rendering)

award winning extensions ↓

Award winning graphics studio extension in Windermere

This unusual basement extension to a house in Windermere won a Civic Society award

converting and altering Listed Buildings ↓

Liste Building hostel complex remodelling Grasmere

Extensive remodelling and renovation of a complex of Listed Buildings within an independent hostel in Grasmere (rendering)

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Ambleside village with the Bridge House


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My work involves altering existing buildings or creating new often featuring the natural materials and traditional skills of the area

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