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Ambleside - the village with the  Bridge House (NT)


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My work involves altering local buildings or creating new often featuring the natural materials and traditional skills of the area

How it all works

The general sequence of a  project ►

A rough sequence of events in setting up a project and who does what, when

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Do I need Permission?

Almost certainly ►

Background information and comment on Planning in the National Park


Proper builders are not like the ones you see on TV ►

No public recommendations sorry,  but some general information and comment

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Plumbers, electricians, joiners, decorators and the like ►

Very important but often overlooked


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Interior specialists

Who they are and why you might need one (at least) ►

A growing band of specialists that you will come across in construction

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Kitchen, bathroom and interior designers ►

Specialists who need careful handling on projects


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Local stonework

converting barns ↓

Details of local stone, its sources, history and uses ►

A huge subject but you have to start somewhere


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Arts & Crafts, Victorian or just plain vernacular ►

Some information on what can be found in the area


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How CAD works

If you want to know the basics of computer aided design ►

Etch-a-Sketch for the computer generation


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Gadgets of the trade

Building sites now have more lasers than a sci-fi film ►

So much technology so little understanding - a few hints


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Useful links to construction information websites ►

VAT, Health & Safety etc. Information links that I use myself on a daily basis and you might also find useful

Solar panels, photo-voltaics, biomass, heat pumps ►

Careful design needed to get the best out of these technologies

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extending cottages ↓

extending terraced houses ↓

converting outbuildings ↓

extending porches and kitchens ↓

new commercial developments...

award winning extensions ↓

converting and altering Listed Buildings ↓

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extending and remodelling houses ↕

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Local Architecture

Ambleside Architect's website with views and insights into building in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria, UK

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