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Office Address Cluan
Rydal Road
LA22 9BA

015394 34489

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Currently in design...

House Extension
West Cumbrian coast

Proposed external view ...

View from road corner

an extension to an early 20th Century schoolmaster's house

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Proposed aerial view to explain roofscape...    
Overview of roofscape  

Shows the single storey extension with a concealed rooflight

<< click for larger version (156 KB)

Proposed view from main road of garage across garden...    

A new garage is screened by an existing hedge

<< click for larger version (129 KB)

Proposed Elevations to side road and main road...    
Elevation render - view to side road

Elevation render - view to main road

I tried some rendered elevations in Cinema 4D as it conveyed the slope of the garage roof rather better than the simple 2D elevation which made the garage appear very high

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