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walking into new link room from existing conference room


Link building at
Residential Centre

These views are straight off the CAD monitor - no rendering

the entrance side
entrance side facing grassed area

  round the end flying around the end - this side is well hidden from the public

as usual at this stage no ceilings, light fittings etc. yet...

right round to the back
right round the back over the complex of new roofs tying the existing buildings together

animated section thro new roof
animated section through the new link room showing steelwork and a rooflight - rafters will not be exposed in final scheme.

Allplan makes this sort of thing easy ... very useful tool...
peering in through the end of the new link room
looking into the new room from the far end



computer terminal for conferences
computer terminal for conference users

Some sketch modifications... for alternative proposals...
sketch model for conservatory style link...

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