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original design modelled in Allplan FT v16
New house linked to old cottage in Grasmere.

The new walls are in cavity blockwork faced in local stone

Local stone facing to insulated cavity wall construction
Really good stonework as facing to cavity blockwork construction

  very tight infill site in the centre of Grasmere tackling the complex roof junctions! (Joiner: A Hetherington)

Walls away from public view will be finished in local roughcast

Hand dressed stone 'quoins' or corner stones
Much hand dressing of the local slatestone is needed to achieve a convincing effect. Note the 'quoins' on the corner - unfortunately many people do not put these in which spoils the look of the building.

  this private side will be roughcast finish This side will be roughcast finish - a local technique whereby 2 coats of cement render are finished off with a cement slurry containing small stones thrown on to the wall with a scoop by hand.

As with many intricate jobs - several amendments have been made... dormers have been added in 2 places - here is one...

A sunken dormer has now appeared on the rear elevation - successfully negotiated with the Planning Authority after the original Consent was achieved.

  this private side will be roughcast finish The original design before the dormer was added - the revised design is definitely an improvement.

Completed apart from some exterior decorating -

A few changes to the internal layout...not everyone has a snooker table in their lounge!... but it has turned out very well...

Looking out of the bay window to the lounge - note that floor level is about 2 ft (600 mm) below external ground level

Exterior views

rear elevation
So well tucked away that you would never know it had once been a corrugated steel garage! :)

  side elevation
Hardly noticable as a new addition to the village - adding the dormer made all the difference to the usability of upstairs.

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