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proposed extensions to  house near Hawkshead

Hawkshead area...

Alterations and extensions to house

(below) model as existing...

model as existing viewed from front
fairly bare model of the existing front - (the nearest outbuildings are unfinished by a previous owner)

  model as existing viewd from rear existing rear view - a tumbling collection of roofs and old and new outbuildings.

before and after... note chimney now removed due to damp problems...
photograph of existing rear of property
A picture of the back view of the house and kitchen door which as with most homes is the entrance used by everyone!

unrendered screen dump of proposals for rear of house
The proposals create a new double car port with slate roof and a porch on the internal corner between the new extension and the main house to cover the kitchen door and the new door into the utility room

model as proposed... conservatory added to side elevation...
proposed conservatory
the conservatory is a fairly routine affair - I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to model this in Allplan - conservatories are quite time consuming to draw normally

overview of new 1st floor and additions
a slice through the plan to show the relationship of new to old - the slated porch to the front door is visible and a glazed roof porch to the kitchen entrance at the rear.

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