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Internal view of proposed stair up to converted loft

External view of proposals

Bungalow Loft conversion
Insert stair to access new bedrooms and shower room in converted loft

Loft conversions are now much more complex than was once the case - a proper floor structure and consideration of means of escape in case of fire are now mandatory
Model of existing roof construction and survey picture...

Existing loft space - red object is a water storage tank

existing structure - the ceiling has been made see-thru for clarity...
typical existing wall supports to purlins (roof beams) - right..
Internal view of existing loft and roof supports


model section of proposals

a new shower room is also added in the loft level - red components are the new structure... Proposed scheme without rafters for clarity

model section

  The new stair fortunately comes up in the only place where there is the required 2 metres headroom - it is still very tight. The new floor joists are inserted between the existing ceiling joists to minimise the loss of headroom due to the increased depth of the floor structure.
The roof timbers have been thickened by screwing and glueing additional timber and a 'tie' has been added near the top - the existing rafters are unusually small in cross section and may need additional support beyond thickening - awaiting Engineer's report. Note that the roofwindows to the bedrooms are a type allowing escape in case of fire - although they should be further down the roof slope to comply with Building Regulations guidance, at this roof pitch it would make it difficult to exit and so we are discussing this with Building Control.

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