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Proposed rear view

proposed rear view



Interesting extension - the large hipped, slated roofs made a big roof on the rear extension work quite well - and the top of the slope coinciding with the bathroom window was a neat feature.....
Photograph and Model as existing .....

Photograph as existing of Front existing frontage

view as existing
A view from the main road of a fairly standard semi-detached house of its period. The extension is to occupy part of the raised rock outcrop shown to one side.

Photograph as Existing and Model of Proposal for rear extension......

Photograph as existing of Rear

  Rear Extension

Proposals Roof Plan and front as Model ......

Roof plan of proposals

  View of front extension
The current proposal - note the white plastic door on the meter cupboard preventing the extension coming all the way to the front... perhaps not a bad thing from a design point of view anyway as it leaves space for parking.

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