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Office Address Cluan
Rydal Road
LA22 9BA

015394 34489

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Existing entrance


New porch to old lakeland stone cottage

...existing entrance

Nice cottage this... just needs a porch to shelter the entrance from the inevitable rain...
First sketch proposals......

entrance porch first scheme view
A hipped roof with a small lead 'flat' on top because of the window cill...


...perspective of scheme 1 (left)

front elevation of scheme 1 (right)..
entrance porch first scheme front elevation

Revised proposals...

scheme 2 illustration
a second attempt - single pitch with the plan pulled in slightly to keep the lead flashing under the window cill on the left...

scheme 2 elevation
... scheme 2 front elevation

More Revised proposals ... early morning winter sunshine

Larger images (190kb) and render notes

scheme 2 illustration... scheme 3 side elevation

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