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Listed cottage in Lt Langdale awaiting a picture of extension on right of this view

Extensions and alterations...

typical of much of the work
of the practice...
in no particular order - pictures taken during site visits...
One extension in local stone and the other in 'traditional' roughcast

Porch at Grasmere
A couple of years old this one - but a curiousity - an old summer house on the fells (hills) above Grasmere converted to a dwelling.

  Extension to an old house not far from Grasmere.

One of several early 19th Century Gothic revival houses in the area

new window openings to (new) kitchen in house overlooking Grasmere. (Right) external view during the works.

One of many recent extensions to Hayes Garden World, Ambleside

Not many flat roof buildings in the lakes!


Barn conversion into 2 dwellings at Lowick...
Quite a nice barn is hidden under all of this...

(Left) Before.

.(Right) After

ote the bat access at the top of the gable

As completed May 2001...

Not historic but very neat - Modest porch to a lakeland bungalow

(Left) Before.

.(Right) After


A very complex extension despite it's simple appearance
Dove & Olive Branch bar at the Wordsworth Hotel
the Dove & Olive Branch bar at the Wordsworth Hotel, Grasmere

the slate roofs hide a flat roof and giant opening rooflight


bar entrance

Replacing an old extension to a house in Ambleside...
Existing: a rather unfortunate extension to this old house

(Left) Before.

.(Right) After


Proposed: hopefully this will be an improvement!

Multiple extensions to house in Windermere...
Before: fairly straightforward house of it's period

(Left) Before.

.(Right) After


After: Added more internal space and a bit of external 'modelling'

Trying out stair designs for a cottage refurbishment in Grasmere...
cottage stair modelled in Allplan FT
Modelled in Allplan FT during alterations : old loose lime plaster removed, it will all be replastered - sometimes we line the external walls with insulation but it tends to lose some of the 'character' of the property

(Left) during tryouts for a stair design

.(Right) the final stair during decoration


cottage stair as built
As built :- we tried out a couple of alternative stair designs including a spiral - but spiral stairs are seldom space efficient.. and in cottage layouts space is always tight...

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