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street elevation

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Shop alterations in
central Ambleside
Insert new stair to access additional retail space at 1st floor in old property

Tricky one this... the existing building has been chopped about in past years further complicating an already elaborate layout - fitting in the new first floor access is going to take some ingenuity...
Model of existing ground and first floor plans...

Existing ground floor

existing structure - ground floor (left)
first floor (right)
Existing first floor

Street frontage is not being altered... new stair internally...

Street frontage is not being altered

the shopfront is interesting - the moldings are only modelled in outline detail as we are not changing the outside...

The proposed stair (right)...
new stair and balustrading

Proposed top floor ...

Street frontage is not being altered

Top floor (left) - floor removed showing top of suspended timber ceiling (right) which adds a complication.

Proposed Ground Floor...

Street frontage is not being altered

Ground floor (left) looking down from above with floors removed.

Illustration (right) of view as you walk in the front door of the shop
view of stair as you enter shop

Amended scheme...

revised stair design

...Amended stair - just the newel tops (left)

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