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as proposed view modelled  in Allplan

Ambleside area...

Cottage loft conversion

Very 'tight' loft conversion in stone built cottage...

Note the 'break' or sag in the existing rafters caused by a lack of ceiling tie - the purlins are also on the slope which does not help...

Section thro' model
Animated section thro' model - tricky to insert new flooring, strengthen joists and not lose any headroom...
An interesting problem in works of this nature is ensuring means of escape in case of fire - here by windows in the gable - however they are a bit low and some means of securing them in normal use will be needed to satisfy Building Control...

  very tight infill site in the centre of Grasmere
the builders have made a new opening for a window out of the loft - note the poor existing stonework - cut blocks with lots of mortar - the house is not as old as you might think...

a steep site...

Hand dressed stone 'quoins' or corner stones
A view of the outside of the new opening for this window out of the loft - just below and to the right of the chimney stack (the old flue within the wall thickness was redundant)...

  interior view with new stair This interior view will not win any prizes for rendering - but the clients particularly wanted to know if they would be able to see past the stair thro' the window (it has a view of the river)

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