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Existing ground floor entrance - the front door is on the right under the canopy and conceals a further 2 steps


Access improvements to cottage

Improve access for disabled users - and others - to old cottage

Unusual cottage this one - as you can see, the original entrance design is rather dated now and the steps up to the front door have to go - other improvements to the look of the building are planned but improving the access is the immediate priority... the first floor is not shown which emphasises the strange entrance...
First sketch proposals......

first attempt at entrance improvements
Ramp screened by wall, new steps and new front door

  First attempt at entrance improvements

Revised proposals...

revised entrance scheme
a second attempt - wall replaced with slate kerb along ramp edge, ramp surfaced in sets, wooden handrails... stone arch over the new front door

... note the ramp is rather steep but better to keep a good size level area at top of the ramp..

Revised proposals 2...

revised entrance scheme
the final arrangement - lost the handrails and made the side of the ramp stone walled - although fixing the slate edgings to the ramp may prove tricky...


site pictures...

The 'spring' of the arch was a bit low for a tall family and so the door is slightly taller than originally designed...

the builder (S. Cleary) and joiner (B. Slater) have made a very nice job...

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