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Office Address Cluan
Rydal Road
LA22 9BA

015394 34489

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External view of building model


Listed Building restaurant extension

(click images for larger versions)

The proposal is to extend the restaurant currently on the ground floor of this Grade II Listed building up into the 1st floor former office space by inserting a stair but without cutting any existing floor beams or making any external changes.
The leaded light windows are also being repaired by a specialist.

Sketch render of upper floor shell and cutaway view of ground floor...

Rendered model view of 1st floor interior minus lights and balustrading

  Cutaway model view of ground floor layout

Interesting building - originally created as a 'Mechanic's Institute' - it would appear that the tower and the steps are a later addition and originally the ground floor was open.

Proposals... stair detail - pending information on ornate balustrading...

Stair detail drawing - click for larger version (350KB)

Some images of the completed interior...

Finished stair to upper floor

  Interior view of restaurant
The balustrading was eventually decided to be constructed from fretted original Thai carved panels and there are hidden LED strips under the stair nosings for safety and to add a bit of sparkle.

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